• Pursuit Ri0 2016 Ri0 2016, I seek to capture the essence of movement. My main focus is sport
  • Champs Elysees Le Tour De Yorkshire Celebration of the Tour De France's visit to Yorkshire in 2014
  • Velocity, prints available Cycling
  • Rocket Snooker
  • Sax, prints available Rhythms of Jazz
  • Wimble-done Sport Collection of works inspired by sport and motion
  • Faster London 2012
  • Ladies Day Horse racing
  • Tango Argention No. 1, prints available Rhythms of Dance
  • Ticket to ride, prints available Carousel

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  1. Lisa Middleton avatar
    Lisa Middleton Nov 10, 2015

    Good morning Andy,
    I am the subject leader for Art and Design at Ribblesdale High School in Clitheroe.  I have been forwarded some information regarding ‘The Lost Generation’ from LCC. I would like to be involved and attend the CPD event on Monday 30th November, is this something I can do ? If so, could you give me the details or pass my information onto the relevant people ? 
    Thanking you in advance.

    Kind regards