Andy Farr

Andy is a British artist based in Warwickshire. His work reflects different aspects of his life. His passion for sport has inspired paintings that seek to capture motion, and the thought that 100 years ago his son’s would have been fighting in the First World War lead to a major project for Arts Council England to commemorate the WW1 Centenary.

Andy’s motion themed work covers many sports, but most notably cycling, as well as dance and carousels. His latest work for his “Motion & Emotion” exhibition comprises works inspired by the Rio Olympics and Brazilian passion.  Previous works by the artist include his 2012 Olympic inspired exhibition of paintings featuring Ennis, Bolt and Daly, firstly shown in Leamington, and subsequently Sheffield and Manchester. As a result, he was commissioned to paint one of the GB Paralympic team in action. This was followed by works inspired by football, motorsport and horse racing.

He has developed his own distinctive style for his movement inspired work, which shows influences from Abstract Expressionism, Cubism and Futurism. This style developed out of early works featuring dance and carousels.

Andy is currently engaged with Arts Council England on a WW1 centenary project. This has entailed working with young people in the Midlands and North of England to create work that conveys the idea that “It would have been you”. The Response, one of the works from this series, has been acquired by Lord Mayor of Newcastle for permanent display in the City. For more about this project visit

Andy is studying for an MA in Painting at Coventry School of Art and Design.

Recent Exhibitions:

Lost Generation, Stewards Gallery, Clitheroe Castle, October 2016 - January 2017

Wells Art Contemporary, Bishops Palace, Wells, October 2016

Lost Generation, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford, Sept/October 2016

Motion & Emotion, Deasil Gallery, Leamington Spa, August/September 2016

Broadway Arts Festival, Little Buckland Gallery, June 2016

Lost Generation, Brewhouse Gallery, Burton upon Trent, July 2015

Lost Generation, Batley Art Gallery, May/June 2015

Lost Generation, Gallery 150, Leamington Spa, November 2014

Rhythms in Motion, Gallery 150, Leamington Spa, July/August 2012

The Space Between, Gallery 150 Leamington Spa, March/April 2011

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