Dragon costumes, roses, paramedics and rock stars with guitars are all depicted as part of a new exhibition that seeks to help people understand post-traumatic stress and explore the process of recovery.

“The Twisted Rose and other lives” exhibition is a new series of paintings; each based on a personal account of the impact of trauma on someone’s life. They show how people can grow during their recovery, as well as helping others to understand the feelings that trauma can create.

First exhibited at the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham the show moves to Newcastle Arts Centre until 22nd June 2019.

“My hope is that the exhibition of moving and thought-provoking depictions of what it is like to suffer and recover from mental health problems will raise awareness and consciousness of the issues surrounding trauma. The imagery provides new insights into a wide range of people’s experiences from birth trauma to war trauma, as well providing potentially positive therapeutic outcomes for those directly involved.”

Interview with Lisa Woods on behalf of BreakForth at CASS Art 24th April 2019

Newcastle Arts Centre

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Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30
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Website: http://www.newcastle-arts-centre.co.uk

These paintings explore the emotions and experience of post traumatic stress and recovery. 

If you are interested in exhibiting or purchasing the originals or prints drop me a line via the contacts page