The Opening Night of the final exhibition of “The Twisted Rose and Other Lives” will be at the Lancaster City Museum on 19th September from 7 - 9pm. This will be an opportunity to hear the stories behind some of the paintings. I'm also very excited because for the first time ever Laura, one of the participants, will be reading some of her poetry. The exhibition then runs from the from the 20th September to the 3rd November.

This is a link to the Facebook event for the opening night.

Art has the ability start conversations and give people new insights into difficult subjects. The Twisted Rose and other Lives is an exhibition of paintings each one inspired by the life of someone who is recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress. So you might be surprised that a visitor to the show during its time in Newcastle described it as “Wonderfully, beautifully emotive”. I believe that is because this series of paintings shows that not only is it possible for people to recover, but also to grow and find new meaning and purpose in their lives after trauma.

This project was the result of a collaboration between myself and the Institute of Mental Health, with support from Arts Council England. Together we are trying to raise awareness of the issues around PTSD. Many are surprised to discover how often trauma is at the root of other mental health problems.

“My hope is that the exhibition of moving and thought-provoking depictions of what it is like to suffer and recover from mental health problems will raise awareness and consciousness of the issues surrounding trauma. The imagery provides new insights into a wide range of people’s experiences from birth trauma to war trauma, as well providing potentially positive therapeutic outcomes for those directly involved.”

Interview with Lisa Woods on behalf of BreakForth at CASS Art 24th April 2019

Lancaster City Museum

Opening hours: Tues -Sun 10am - 5pm


These paintings explore the emotions and experience of post traumatic stress and recovery. 

If you are interested in exhibiting or purchasing the originals or prints drop me a line via the contacts page